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24 Hour Monitoring

Once your security solution is installed by All Protect Systems Inc., we can provide twenty-four hour monitoring by our professional Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC) approved facility, Security Response Centre, located in Sarnia, Ontario.

We can provide twenty-four monitoring solutions for your security alarm system to detect against an intrusion. A signal is sent to the Security Response Facility through telephone lines, internet service provider or the cellular network to our station operators. Upon receipt of a signal, we then contact your premises, police, and fire or emergency personnel as needed.

By incorporating smoke detectors, a low temperature thermostat or water detection sensors we can also monitor for a fire condition, low temperature or flood/sump pump failure.

For business or multi-dwelling owners, we can provide twenty-four monitoring of your building fire alarm system to detect against a fire condition. Many residential and commercial complexes are required to have their fire alarm monitored for alarm and supervisory conditions, in accordance with the Ontario Building and Fire Codes.

Business owners can also benefit from open and close reporting from their alarm system. Our monitoring centre can track each time your security alarm is turned on and off, at what time of day and by the name of the employee. A great management tool.

Most insurance companies require your alarm system to be monitored at an Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC) approved facility. Be sure you make the right choice when selecting a monitoring facility; your system is only as good as the actions taken in an alarm condition. By choosing All Protect Systems Inc., you have chosen the best!